From the Bosio Suite – The Boy ‘Hyacinthe’

Hyacinthe……one of history’s great re-births.

One of France’s greatest neo-classical sculptors, Francois Joseph baron Bosio was the portrait sculptor to the Emperor Napoleon in the early 19th Century, but like many before him he was fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology.

Stone Icons is proud to reprise in hand carved marble, one of Bosio’s greatest and most delicate works – Hyacinthe – the most beautiful youth beloved of the God Apollo. Tragedy ensued when in a mythical discus contest, Hyacinthe ran to catch a discus thrown by his mentor Apollo, but was struck by it and died.

Absolutely distraught, Apollo turned the body into the flower hyacinth, and it is said to be Apollo’s tears which stain the petals of that flower today.
The original is to be seen in the Louvre in Paris.

Height: 80 cms
Weight: 200 kgs
Base (optional)
Price: POA
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From the Bosio Suite - The Boy 'Hyacinthe'From the Bosio Suite - The Boy 'Hyacinthe'


Marble Icons are working closely with interior designers and architects on indoor and outdoor projects where hand carved statuary in pure marble and granite is being used.

Classical recreations in marble in particular are available from Marble Icons, to a quality not seen for generations. These pieces are viewed by specialists in interior design as being as relevant in spacious modern apartments as they are in hotels, yachts or the entrance halls or drawing rooms of country houses.

We are continually developing our range of classical and contemporaty marble statues and we can now undertake commissions for works from either existing designs or clients own concepts. Swimming pools, grand halls and conservatories a speciality.

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Marble Icons has set itself the goal of recreating, in perfect marble in white or many colours, or other valuable stone, the beautiful images which are at the core of the history of art.

Marble Icons choice of sculptures of the Greats is absolutely unique throughout the world ..…and we will work with clients who have specific requirements whether it be by size or material such as white, black or even green marble.

How do we achieve our goal of matching the original work without the help of casts from the original?

  • Firstly we research the original art held in museums in absolute detail.
  • Secondly we produce clay models equivalent in every detail to the original. This process is immensely time consuming as our specialists work towards perfection with the modeler.
  • We then identify the perfect block of marble which in the case of full sized or multiple figure statues might weigh several tonnes.
  • We then hew by hand from the raw marble, until the sculpture emerges to reprise the original work of art.
  • When the sculpture is considered as being as near perfect to the work of the piece in question, it is despatched to the buyer.
  • Marble Icons are currently working on their own original creations and soon these will become significant works of art in their own right.

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